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  • Esiet sveicināti vasarā, kas, cerams, būs pilnā plaukumā! Tavā e-pastā “Trendbox” – tavs ceļvedis digitālajos labirintos.

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Latviešu.

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  • (Latviešu) Esiet sveicināti e-jaunumos mārketinga un reklāmas jomas profesionāļiem!

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Latviešu.

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  • Welcome to the second "Trendbox" news digest! As already promised, it is always about interesting things and trends going on in the digital world.

    One of the key words of the modern age is “dynamics”, because this is how the world around us changes and we ourselves are dynamic, too. Nothing is no longer set in stone, including media usage habits. Although audience with highest purchase power consists of the generation that was born and raised at a time when the market was dominated by the so-called traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc..), it has dynamically moved to the online environment. These issues are widely discussed because, as it turns out, struggle for consumers now takes place on the Internet.
    Common trend of media usage habits is that Internet is increasingly becoming a priority media for different age groups. Its advantages use such giants as “Kraft Food”, which saved 80 million dollars just because the ads were placed on the Internet rather than TV, and the return has been just as great. Interestingly, according to the Latvian Advertising Association, Latvian market contrary to the trends in the world still holds high volume of advertising on television, where the advertisement amount is three times bigger than on the Internet.

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  • Welcome to the first e-news for marketing professionals!

    I am delighted to share with you the first news release for marketing, media and advertising professionals.
    Digital communications and marketing importance continues to increase. This is evidenced by the fact that last year Internet advertising market grew by 20%, while the mainstream media advertising continued to decline. Let us look at international statistics, which will be covered deeper in the article “The Internet’s victory march continues.”
    Meanwhile, above mentioned industry is still developing in Latvia. I think we all are responsible for the growth of the industry, so I’m happy about the recent annual marketing and social media conference “LMT DIGITAL 2014″, which brought together so many stakeholders. During the course of discussions with experts we conducted a brief survey, the results of which you can read in this news release!

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