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  • Tatad Kars!

    Forum cinemas - “This means war!’’

    Tastefully designed implementation of floating banner. Upon entering the mailbox there is an explosion and the movie advertisement appears through the burnt “hole”. Spectacular start grabs user’s attention and makes him wait until the end of advertising to obtain maximum information about the product offered.

    Ieve Cimermane, Internet Planner at Inspired
    Not in every campaign, but there are few times when the client's creative material is so attractive that it brings the desire and the need to think "outside the box" and outside standard web banner sizes. Customer's "Forumcinemas' latest movie advertising campaigns in most cases have wide range of creative materials, including the impressive video banners, which are able to incorporate part of the movie trailer. Campaign requirement for the "The War" movie was to use video banners, for max 15 seconds, in order to create interest in potential visitors about the new movie and show the best action movie moments. Since the target group were 16-34 years young people, it was necessary to choose the media where the exact age targeting is possible, as well as a flexible approach to creative solutions deployment. met the following criteria perfectly. Rich media solution was selected for Mailbox section – when users opened e-mail, a campaign banner with irregular shape and video content was shown over e-mail content for 15 seconds. Campaign qualitative indicators - CTR of 6.8% was much better than other media placements, suggesting that the audience was interested and well chosen.
    Ieve Cimermane, Internet Planner at Inspired

  • Dirol Tornado

    Dirol Tornado

    Interactive banner that encourages user to cause a tornado in the mailbox. After clicking on the banner, a real tornado appears, frosting everything on its way.

    Andrew Saldavs, Interactive Project Manager at MMS Reactiv
    Dirol tried to show that it has a freshness that takes your breath away. This was reflected in a whirlwind. Since taste is something that cannot actually be shown, we decided to "play" with the internal inbox environment in order to better reflect the whirlwind in the virtual environment, because the taste is not really a show, Banner provided the possibility to display how Dirols brings changes to the usual things. Releasing the whirlwind makes your letters to fly away in the whirl of taste. This allowed to reflect the creative solution and draw the users' attention in an unconventional way.
    Andrew Saldavs, Interactive Project Manager at MMS Reactiv


Price of non-standard solutions depends on many factors. Implementation of each idea needs different resources and individual approach. Often implementations may require different banner places and their combinations in products. Therefore, the final price is set individually, assessing all of the above factors.

Development of non-standard solutions team always reviews new ideas with great interest and offers interesting promotional solutions in their products. If you have an idea, feel free to contact one of our advertising project managers. After discussing the details, You will find out how your idea can be realized not only technically, but also get the advice how to grab the attention of users.

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