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  • SmasungUhd

    Liquid Samsung UHD

    This solution can be described in one word – tremendous! Thanks to the exclusive opportunity of Liquid to adjust to any monitor size, advertising provided the greatest possible impact, grabbing all the user’s attention to this commercial break.

    Andrew Saldavs, Interactive Project Manager at MMS Reactiv Liquid banner was chosen to illustrate the fact that the new UHD TV has a curved screen and changes the environment around you, because this banner reflected the fact that the whole environment becomes different, when it appears full size on any screen. And the ability to place the video in the banner strengthened the impression, allowing the use of effects which would not be possible in flash banners.
    Andrew Saldavs, Interactive Project Manager at MMS Reactiv

  • riga black

    Riga Black

    Interactive solution where the interaction occurs between the large central and branding banner. User is prompted to “Light the City”, turning the light on. Original design and outstanding product brand incorporation into the solution.

    Ilja Olijevskis, Head of Digital Department at MEDIACOM
    Riga Black® Vodka motto is "The city comes alive at night" - we immediately encountered a number of ideas on how to transfer this slogan in the media, but we chose a solution that would allow the user to feel that the city is lively and exciting at night. We gave the users the opportunity to switch off the lights on and turn on the night mode, where the colors are brighter and users can see that life lights up in Riga.
    Ilja Olijevskis, Head of Digital Department at MEDIACOM


Price of non-standard solutions depends on many factors. Implementation of each idea needs different resources and individual approach. Often implementations may require different banner places and their combinations in products. Therefore, the final price is set individually, assessing all of the above factors.

Development of non-standard solutions team always reviews new ideas with great interest and offers interesting promotional solutions in their products. If you have an idea, feel free to contact one of our advertising project managers. After discussing the details, You will find out how your idea can be realized not only technically, but also get the advice how to grab the attention of users.

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