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Why choose


1. Long-term stability portal offers services to Internet users for more than 10 years.

Work on the improvement and development of products is carried out continuously, thereby providing not only a stable number of users, but also bringing in new audience for products.

2. User’s choice Nr.1

59% of Internet users of Latvian Internet in the age group of 15-74 years actively and daily use is also a strong leader among all Latvian portals in all age and social groups.

6 years in a row is in the top three of top favorite brands in Latvia, where it holds first place among Latvian brands thus undoubtedly proving the recognition of hard work’s results.

3. Wide range of products

Truly wide range of products is able to interest a variety of user groups.

Along with the Inbox Mail, huge popularity have also gained such products as Inbox Games – free online gaming service, Inbox Foto – service for storing, processing, and even printing photos, Inbox Files – service for files storage and sharing, as well as many others. All the products are available here.

4. Partnerships appreciates the interests and needs of their partners, so our team is always open for cooperation on the development of new solutions, and is ready to offer help and advice in choosing the most appropriate advertising solution desires of the customer.




Other reasons:

  • The multiplicity of daily users – portal is visited on average by 430,000 unique users daily.
  • Convenient and easy to view real-time statistical report – the campaign’s data is available without offsets for processing.
  • Advertising for the target audience – targeting of users includes such criteria as age, gender, language interface, IP and geolocation. Targeting of users who use specific type of device (mobile, tablet, desktop) is available as well.
  • Professional customer support – experienced professionals will always help in solving any problems related to advertising and product use.

Users by gender

female-stats 51,07%
male-stats 48,93%


  • “If you offer a product or service that solves a real problem, you would be successful.”

    -Youssef El-Mansy, Head of development, Intel

  • “Kill the routine before it kills you!”

    -Liisa Joronen, Owner, SOL

  • “They have a huge advantage – they think that there is nothing impossible.”

    -Marina Hatsopoulos, CEO, Z Corp.

  • “People buy with their eyes.”

    -Scott Davis, Chief Concept Officer, Panera Bread

  • “If I had 4 dollars, 3 of them I would definitely spend on advertising.”

    - Henry Ford

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